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Khushi Group LLP

Khushi Group LLP is group of like minded people who have come together with an aim to provide affordable housing to the masses.
Members of Khushi Creation
Riddhi Shah
Art designer
Yogesh Patel
Game Developer,Yoga & Breath Specialist
Mr. Manish Warang
Ex Indian Air Force
Mr. Macmilan Dias
Art of Teaching

Mr. Parag
Co-Founder of Takshashila
Learning & Training Centre
Mr. Bipin
Director of Navpad Prints
Mr. Vipul
Director of Navpad Prints
Ms Aparna
Owner of Palasia Salon & Academy
Mr. Ignatius Dias
Founder Member of Business Networking Group
Hemant Panchal
Interior Designer
Shashank Vaidya
Partner for Jade Stone Cafe
  • Entry to Khushi Group LLP-B is Nil. Only Meeting charges will be included.
  • Maximum members not more than 25 in a group.
  • Various groups can be formed in this Khushi Group LLP.
  • Expected amount per group/project for initial capital is 5 – 10 cr.
  • Minimum per person contribution should be 10 lacs in a group.
  • Percentage of shares will be decided as per the capital brought into the company by each member.  After 6 months or 1 year, once the project starts with the approvals i.e. IOD /CC withdrawals are permitted for each member as per CA / legal norms.
  • Profits will be distributed only after all the expenses (office, staff, branding, etc.) directly or indirectly connected or associated with the business under Khushi Group LLP.
  • 50% to be paid to the Director of Khushi Group as royalty in the initial project – but this royalty will change from group to group, project to project.
  • Auto investment can be done based on the current and the future prospect of the project.
  • Project Funding / Construction Finance will be taken for the future reputation of the company in the market.
  • Apart from Real Estate if opportunity comes for different or multiple business / projects which includes (Restaurants, Salons, Hospitals, Schools, IT) investment can be set up and undertaken under Khushi Group LLP.
  • If any member wants to exit after the completion of the first project and during the subsequent project ongoing then the interest of 12% p.a. will be applicable till the time the investment is with Khushi Group LLP and will be eligible for the projects completed.
  • If an expert is already in our group and who can handle that business will get an additional share of 25 to 35% as royalty till the business runs. And then whatever income comes back to Khushi Group LLP will be again distributed as per the percentage of shares.
  • If any member introduces any new member in the group he/she will get a Royalty of 2% of amount invested / introduced by him.
  • A core committee will be formed to take major decisions in the projects – be it Real Estate Funding / Project Funding or Project Executions
  • Senior Citizens can be offered or given a privilege of getting a monthly income after six months of their income coming into the Khushi Group LLP and this amount will be deducted from their profit sharing.*
  • At any point of time Managing Director has got full rights to take any major decision. a. If any member has to be dissolved then that decision will be valid with 51% or more shares including shares of designated partners.
  • Individual member cannot sell their shares to any third party or any other member rather he/she will have to sell that share back to the Managing Director of Khushi Group LLP.
  • An account will be formed in the name of Khushi Group LLP with three signatory authorities.
  • Option is available for existing Partners to invest additional capital, after a gap of 2.5 years. If such additional capital is invested by existing Partners after each block of 2.5 years, they will be eligible for 5% extra profit on the extra capital. However, the total profit sharing shall be limited to 65%.... i.e., 50% + 15%.
  • There will be no limit on the additional capital to be added after a block period of 2.5 years.
  • If any Partner wishes to exit (as per Rules), he can only exit from the latest additional sum put in.
  • If existing Partner introduces any new Member, he shall receive 5% of company profit as Royalty.
  • If existing Partner books flat in his own or his family members' name, he shall get a flat discount of up to 40% on the Market Rate prevailing at the time of actual closed deal.
  • Any existing Partner who wishes to supply material/goods/services to Company, his/her offer shall be considered on the basis of competitiveness and prevailing Market Rates. Company reserves the full right to terminate the Contract, if the material/goods/services are found unsatisfactory. The decision of Managing Partners in consultation with the Committee shall be final.
  • If there is more than one Partner who wishes to supply similar material/goods/services, the Company shall award contract to all Partners on equal proportion basis.
  • A certain portion of profit (minimum 10% and 20% maximum) shall be reserved for further land acquisitions.
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